Why Learn Digital Marketing? Benefits, Career, Salary

Digital marketing is at boom and one of the hottest topics to talk about. It gives tons of opportunities to businesses and individuals. Businesses use it to accelerate their business growth, whereas individuals use their digital marketing skills for a thriving career. 

In today’s world, digital marketing is as necessary as communication; hence it is vital for business owners, freshers, marketing professionals to learn digital marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of different methods and techniques to promote a product, service, or business online. You look for ways to engage with customers to build brand awareness and attract the audience to generate leads.

It encompasses more roles and skills than traditional marketing. This flexible and versatile nature of the industry makes it fascinating for the learners. Here are some areas that a digital marketing professional will  touch during his/her training or career:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
Marketing automation
Mobile app marketing
Web design
Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Copywriting and editing
Content management and curation
Email marketing
Web development
Business/marketing strategy
You can get specialized in any area or your interest, or you find helpful in any way. 

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Why You Should Learn Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has career options for creatives, techies, business people, and even students. There are so many avenues available that anyone can follow, learn and apply to the best of their use. Digital marketing is drastically evolving and growing. There is something new to learn every day. 

And, there are many career opportunities in digital marketing in India.
1. Growing demand for digital marketing skills

In today’s time, there’s a growing demand for people with good digital marketing skills. So, getting trained in digital marketing will help you explore many opportunities even if you’re not a complete tech geek. 
2. Evolving Industry

The digital industry is evolving and growing every day, so there’s always something new and exciting to learn. If you’re planning to work for an agency, you’ll work with many professionals with a variety of backgrounds and work on different digital marketing strategies. 
3. Enhance your Creativity 

Digital marketing is also a field of artists, as it has options for writing, designing, video and audio production. Hence it gives a boost to your creative side, and there’s plenty of room for your day-to-day creativity.
4. Working at Comfort

Digital marketing is also a field where you can work at your comfort. For example, you can work as a freelancer or run your own business. 

If you have decided to make a career in this field, you can learn digital marketing at home. You can enrol in a practical online digital marketing course to learn everything about the field, develop key skills, learn how to start and manage a blog/website, work on social media campaigns, and much more. 

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Who Can Learn Digital Marketing?

1. Digital Marketing for Students

Students who want to pursue and make a career in the field of online marketing should learn digital marketing. It will help them to learn and develop the skill set required to face the professional world.
2. Digital Marketing for Working Professionals

By learning advanced digital marketing skills, professionals can enhance their existing skills, find a better job, and get a hike in their career path. 
3. People Who Want to Make Money Online

Digital marketing course is for all those who want to get a regular income even at their home’s comfort and explore their true side of creativity. There are various options and courses available to learn digital marketing online in India, with just a laptop/workstation.
Benefits of Learning Digital Marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of digital transformation and the benefits of opting for a career in digital marketing in India

Digital marketing offers the best opportunities to explore your passion. The business leaders have contemplated the future, and are very well aware of where they should invest their time and money for maximum benefits.
– Make Your Career

You’re fully aware of the digital wave in India. Hence you can work harder to equip your skills and map out your career. Online digital marketing courses provide you with a broad set of options to guarantee a bright future in these uncertain times. 

You canlearn social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, Youtube marketing, content marketing and many other forms of digital marketing.
– Better Salary

Today’s era has a high demand for digital marketing skills. If you’re looking for motivation to start learning today, here it is ‘Money’. Pursuing a career in digital marketing is the best way to earn a higher salary and also a cost-effective way to market your business online.
– Be in High Demand

Digital marketers are high in demand across the world these days. Some reports say ‘over half of companies hiring this year want digital marketing expertise,’ whichmakes this the right time to study digital marketing and get your job anywhere across the globe. 

– Diversifying Your Income

Even if you’re running a business or working as a professional, learning digital marketing will bring an additional source of income for you. You can use digital marketing to grow your own business and also help others do the same.

– Flexibility

This field gives you the flexibility to learn and work from the comfort of your house. After completing the certification, you can start working remotely as well. You don’t have to worry about any start-up costs as you can build up your empire all by yourself without even leaving the house. 

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How to Learn Digital Marketing Step-By-Step?

Learning digital marketing is now possible at home, thanks to the plenty of online resources available. Below are some steps on how you can get started.

Step 1 – Start the learning process

You can start the learning process to become a successful digital marketer by reading free guides online, eBooks, blogs posts, and enrolling in advanced courses created by experts, etc.

Step 2 – Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to specialize in something starts by putting all your efforts into practice. 

You have to practice what is being taught. For example, if you are learning on-page SEO tricks, you must implement these to see how things actually work. You can create a website or blog of your own and do its SEO the way you learn. You can run ad campaigns and monitor the results. 

This process will help you to learn from the mistakes you’ve made. You can easily learn from the instructions provided in the study materials.

Step 3 – Get Certified and Qualified

There are several high-quality and valuable courses available that you can take up to develop digital marketing skills, and get certified and qualified. For example, you can go for Mastery in Digital Marketing, free digital marketing course by Google (basics), etc. 

Step 4 – Start Your Own Digital Marketing Blog

Working on your own blog will clear your remaining doubts and help you practice what you’ve learned so far. It will give you a place to test and demonstrate your expertise. It will also help you to make connections in the industry when you seek guest writers or offer to write for other publications. 

Step 5 – Seek Out Training from Experienced Digital Marketers

If you want to work as a digital marketer, you will need guidance and digital marketing trainingfrom experienced professionals who can show you the right direction. 

Step 6 – Be Consistent In Learning and Improving

Digital marketing is an evolving and challenging field that expects its practitioners to be constantly evolving too. You should never stop looking for opportunities to learn new skills and improve for the better. 

For instance, Google keeps on updating its search engine algorithms. If SEO experts don’t keep themselves updated, their work will get hampered. 

Jobs in Digital Marketing in India

Here is an overview of available digital marketing jobs in India, as per data on job sites like Naukri, Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn:


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